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Expert & Compassionate Family Law in Kamloops

Family Law Attorneys in Kamloops 

Family law is one of the most diverse areas in the practice of law. Resolving your family’s legal issues can be challenging and complicated. When it comes to finding a family law attorney in Kamloops, our lawyers have practiced extensively at all levels of court. We have experience finding resolutions to the problems you are facing. Do you need guidance concerning child custody or access? Do you need child or spousal support? Do you need assistance dividing or protecting your property? Are you looking for a divorce lawyer? Are you looking for guidance through the complex adoption process? When you and your family need assistance, our lawyers have the skill and the expertise to meet your needs. To get started, give us a call to request a confidential consultation. At Soll and Company, we deal with all legal issues that impact families, including:

Appeals of court orders
Child and spousal support issues
Child protection
Child relocation
Custody and access
Division of family debt
Division of family property
Enforcement of orders
Marriage and cohabitation agreements
Pension division
Protection from family violence
Separation agreements

Just as every family is unique, so too are the solutions to every family law problem. Some clients benefit from our extensive courtroom experience. Other clients require our skills in negotiation and drafting out-of-court agreements. In addition to offering legal advice and assistance to individuals, our lawyers are certified Family Law Mediators. Accordingly, we are also able to use our expertise to guide former spouses, future spouses and other parties through the difficult negotiation process. Regardless of which approach works best for your case, our lawyers are committed to developing an efficient and cost-effective strategy that will address your unique expectations and concerns.

It’s important to note that a contentious courtroom battle is not your only option. When you work with Soll and Company, we will explore all alternatives while ensuring your rights are protected each step of the way.

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Regardless of what specific issue brings you to our office, we understand that addressing family law problems can be very emotionally challenging. We work hard to assist our clients through this difficult process with compassion and sensitivity. While we are not counsellors or therapists, we are able to refer our clients to external support, if necessary. Our family law attorneys in Kamloops also understand the impact divorce and family legal matters can have on children. We will serve as your advocate, looking out for the best interests of both you and your children.


With over 40 years of experience, including practice at every level of court in British Columbia, we provide the legal support you need for your family law case. We understand you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn. At Soll and Company, we take the time to answer your questions while providing guidance in a clear and comprehensive manner. Call one of our family lawyers in Kamloops today for an appointment. If you prefer, feel free to use our convenient contact form and we will respond promptly.

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