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Our skills as lawyers do not end at the courthouse steps. We are regularly called upon by our clients to help them negotiate their issues and draft formal written agreements outside of court. While few people actively want to end up in a courtroom, the emotionally charged atmosphere that surrounds family law issues can make negotiations outside of court a difficult process. Our skills and sensitivity in this field can help break those difficult deadlocks. Our expertise can also identify critical issues you may have neglected to consider.

Even if you have successfully negotiated an agreement yourselves outside of court without the assistance of a lawyer, it is still important to have a lawyer draft up or review that agreement. The Supreme Court of Canada has indicated that settlements where lawyers are involved in negotiating, drafting or at least reviewing the final agreement are more enforceable than agreements prepared without a lawyer’s involvement. Our lawyers have extensive experience in preparing formal written agreements. We can help you prepare an agreement that will be clear, concise and enforceable by the courts.

Family law agreements are not only limited to issues arising upon divorce or separation. If you are starting a new relationship, or planning to get married, you may also benefit from a formal legal agreement. Marriage or Cohabitation Agreements deal with what will happen with property, liabilities, children and support issues if the relationship or marriage breaks down in the future. These agreements can be particularly important for blended families. Discussing these issues at the outset of the relationship and preparing a formal written agreement can grant peace of mind and allow couples to move forward with a happy, healthy relationship. Please call us to set an appointment.

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